Pond Owners Committee

The Pond Owners Committee is responsible for making sure the pond is in good health and organize any events for the owners around the pond including our neighbors across the pond in the Villas at the Quarry.

The following items are done by the committee:
  • Make sure the fountain is properly maintained and annually inspected
  • Add/change oil and seals as needed
  • Install the fountain every spring and remove it in the fall
  • Provide proper storage through the winter months
  • Have the water tested and take corrective action as needed
  • Add the pond dye as needed which helps beautify the pond and provides a natural shade which reduces excessive sunlight and helps improve water quality. 
  • Perform algae and weed treatment of the pond
  • Monitor and stock fish/wildlife as needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem

To become a member of the Pond Owners Committee your property must be on the Pond.

**If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Jeffery Nissen.


Jeffery D. Nissen
2954 Deep Water Lane

Committee Chair


Kevin Lewis
2946 Deep Water Lane

Jeni Leis
8101 Quarry Road
(The Villas at the Quarry)


Teresa Nissen
2954 Deep Water Lane