By-Laws & Deed Restrictions Committee

At the time the subdivision was established a series of “Deed Restrictions” (also known as restrictive covenants) were established for residential properties in Greycliffe at The Quarry. These covenants “run with the land” and remain in effect despite a change in ownership of the property. The “Deed Restrictions” specifically  include, but are not limited to, restrictions governing the use of the property, the architectural design of new construction, the design of additions/modifications to existing buildings, and the landscaping of the property. 

The By-Laws and Deed Restrictions Committee is established to address questions and concerns of residents regarding the application of the deed restrictions to specific situations; to conduct research on the issue; and then respond to such inquiries. If it is determined that potential violations exist, the committee will address the issue with the lot owner. If legal action is thought to be necessary the committee will refer the matter to the entire Board for their approval. The By-Laws and Deed Restrictions Committee is also responsible for preparing recommended changes to the current Deed Restriction for the entire Board’s review and approval.

Michael Manahan

Committee Chair

Paul Spinazze

3219 Deep Water Lane

Dale Bruhl

3145 Deep Water Lane