Rim Owners Committee

The Rim Owners Committee works in conjunction with the rim owners who live in the neighboring development of The Quarry. It was created to establish and maintain the interests of the rim owners of Greycliffe for the boat access ramp and to continue ongoing maintenance of the Salisbury Quarry. In addition it has been responsible for reestablishing the perimeter wall that separates Greycliffe from the Quarry development.

The development of the access ramp has evolved over the past two years with the ownership of the ramp and subsequent development of governing regulations projected to be completed in the spring of 2016. The ramp and quarry will be overseen by a board of directors chosen by rim owners from Greycliffe and from the Quarry development. The Greycliffe Rim Owners Committee will work closely with this board to represent the members of Greycliffe with rim ownership. Ultimately this will include information on ramp access and membership responsibilities including those that are separate from the Greycliffe HOA.

Questions currently can be sent to trustee@greycliffeatthequarry.com and they will be directed to members of the committee.

To become a member of the Rim Owners Committee your property must be on the Quarry Rim.

**If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Jon Detrick HERE.

John Detrick

Committee Chair

3201 Deep Water Lane

Russ Tehan

3113 Deep Water Lane

Dale Bruhl

Board Liaison

3145 Deep Water Lane