Security Camera Policy

The trustees of Greycliffe at the Quarry have installed security cameras and a recorder at the entrances to the subdivision. The cameras record video of each vehicle and its passengers entering the subdivision. The trustees adopted a policy to govern the custody and release of the images recorded.

The purpose of the camera is to assist in identifying persons who may have been involved in criminal activity in the subdivision and to discourage such activity.

Unless otherwise specifically determined by the Board of Trustees, the following policy shall govern the use or release of the recorded images. The camera and recorder will be under the sole control of the Communications Committe Chairman. The Communications Manager may notify appropriate law enforcement officials that such recordings are being made and upon request, shall provide access to the images and/or copies to law enforcement officials in connection with their official duties. Except for the release to law enforcement officials described herein, and the victim, no access to, or copies of any recorded images shall be provided to any trustee, lot owner, resident, contractor or other person(s).