Gate Information

Greycliffe at the Quarry is a gated community. In an effort to maintain the privacy and security of our residents, a survey was sent out to all residents via email to establish the hours that everyone wanted the front gates to be OPEN. The results from the surveys are what determined the hours they are OPEN the following hours:

Monday through Friday - 6am to 8pm

Saturday - 6am to 8pm

Sunday - 6am to 8pm

The back gates will remain CLOSED at all times and requires a remote opener to enter. Visitors or deliveries are directed to enter from the Salisbury Rd. (Front) entrance.

Remotes for the front and back gates may be purchased from the Greycliffe Board or Directors for $40. They may be reached via email HERE. If you have remotes from the old gate system, they will still work with the new gates at both the front and back. 

The Greycliffe Board or Directors will also assist in having your name entered into the gate directory and linking it to your phone number. 

If you want to setup the cell-gate app on your phone for video calls please review this document HERE and follow the directions provided directly by Cell-Gate. You can download the app from the Google Play (Android) HERE and from the App Store (iPhone) HERE.

Guests and deliveries should use the gate directory to dial your extension and once it rings through you need to press the number 9 or *  to open the gates.

To have your personal access code for your residence setup, send an email to Be sure to include your Name, Address and the 5 digit code you want set. The code must be 5 digits between 10000 and 65534 and cannot be all the same number or sequential numbers (e.g. 11111 or 12345). The zip code for Greycliffe is also not allowed. We will get the code entered as soon as possible and reply when your code is active. Usually no longer than 48 hours.

Under no circumstances should the security code be given to anyone outside of your household.

With the new gate system we had to install pedestrian gates at both the front and back gates to comply with and be up to code. The pictures below point out where those gates are located with a large red arrow.

Front Gate

Rear Gate