Parking Policy

Parking on the streets of Greycliffe has continuously increased to the point of being a hazard to our residents, particularly near the entrances to the subdivision and at the curves of the streets. We have received numerous complaints regarding this issue and action is necessary to prevent serious accidents.

Also, please observe the speed limit of 25 mph within the subdivision.

Effective immediately, the following items in Bold Print of our subdivision restrictions will be strictly enforced:

Section 1.9 Vehicles of the deed restrictions as they are on file with Lucas County state that:

Without limiting any of the foregoing, no vehicle other than a private passenger automobile shall be parked outside any residence for a period of more than 24 hours without the prior written consent of the Association. Furthermore, all owners shall use their best efforts to insure that all vehicles on their lot are parked within the garage or driveway located on their lot and in any event in accordance with all regulations promulgated by the Association to keep vehicles off of Lot “A” (hereafter described as the street) as much as possible. No vehicle shall be parked outside of a residence overnight without the prior written consent of the Association. If commercial lettering or signs are painted to or affixed to the vehicle, or if commercial equipment is placed upon the vehicle, or if the vehicle is a truck, recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, or other than a private passenger vehicle as specified above. A lot owner and residents thereof may not keep more than four vehicles within Greycliffe on a permanent basis without the prior written consent of the Association. The foregoing restrictions shall not be deemed to prohibit the temporary parking of commercial vehicles while making delivery to or from, or while used in connection with providing services to the Subdivision. All vehicles parked within the Subdivision must be in good condition, and no vehicle which is unlicensed or which cannot operate on its own power shall remain within Greycliffe for more than 24 hours, and no major repair of any vehicle shall be made on any property which constitutes the Subdivision. Motorcycles are not permitted except with the prior written consent of the Association which may be withdrawn at any time, and any permitted motorcycle must be equipped with appropriate noise muffling equipment so that the operation of same does not create an unreasonable annoyance to the residents of Greycliffe.

Any vehicle parked on Lot “A” (the street) for a period of more than eight hours must have written permission from a Greycliffe trustee or it may be towed. Furthermore, without exception, no vehicle shall be parked within fifty (50) feet of an entrance or within one hundred (100) feet of a street curve or the vehicle will be immediately towed. After the vehicle is towed, you may contact one of the trustees to receive information as to how to regain possession of your vehicle.

We appreciate that most of the residents are respectful and courteous of their neighbors and the association rules. Further, we realize that some exceptions should be made under certain circumstances. The following events will not require written permission:

          • Parties, holidays, or special events when it is temporarily necessary to park multiple vehicles on the street.
          • The preparation of a motor home for a special event.
          • A real estate showing or open house

Although we are making the above exceptions, we expect these events will be the exception rather than the rule. We still expect residents to inform their guests that parking is not permitted near the entrances or on the street curves.