Deed Restrictions

Below are some of the common deed restrictions throughout the four plats that make up Greycliffe. We recommend you read the full restrictions for your particular plat as that is how they are filed with Lucas County. This short list is not a complete list of deed restrictions or all inclusive. The Greycliffe Home Owners Association is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

The Board of Directors handles the Greycliffe at the Quarry deed restriction enforcement. If you have a violation you would like to report or have received a letter and have questions, please email

Some of the common questions referenced

  • Only a single-family residence may be constructed on any lot. (Sect 1.2)

  • Any pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance shall be subject to permanent removal and exclusion from the subdivision. (Sect 1.5)

  • No signs other than for sale signs of not more than 10 square feet. (Sect 1.6)

  • Any truck, boat, bus, tent, mobile home, trailer or any other similar housing device, if permitted to be stored on any residential lot in the subdivision, shall be suitably housed within the attached garage. (Sect 1.8)

  • No vehicle other than passenger automobile shall be parked outside of any residence. No Commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, campers, or trailers. (Sect 1.9)

  • Each lot owner shall maintain their residence and lot in a first class manner at all times. (Sect 1.10)

  • Above ground structures such as fences, swimming pools, radio receiving equipment are not permitted. (Sect 2.5)

  • No vegetable gardens or grains grown on the front or side of any lot. Weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growths shall not be permitted. (Sect 2.7)

  • Basketball backboards shall not be erected or attached to the front of any residence or garage. (Sect 2.9)

  • Construction in violation of approved plan can result in the violations being corrected or removed at the expense of the owner. (Sect 2.12)

  • Maintenance charges not paid within 60 days of its due date will incur a notice of lien and be recorded with the office of the recorder of Lucas County. (Sect. 2.15/2.16)

  • All leases of any residence within the Subdivision shall be subject to these Restrictions and all By-Laws, rules and regulations adopted by the Association. No lease of any residence shall be less than six (6) months in duration. (Sect 8.3)

Some of the most common violations

Garbage: Trash or rubbish that is to be collected may be placed and kept on the front of the lot after 5 pm on the day before trash collection day. All garbage must be placed in appropriate trash bags or cans. Garbage cans are to be stored in your garage not outside your home at any time.

Mailboxes: Must be kept in a "first-class manner".

Parking: No vehicle other than a private passenger automobile shall be parked outside any residence for a period of more than 24 hours without prior written consent of the association. No trailers, mobile homes or boats shall be stored on any residential lot. They shall be suitably housed within the garage.

Signs: No signs of any character other than a sign of not more than ten (10) square feet advertising the sale of the residential lot on which such sign is located shall be erected, placed or posted or otherwise displayed on or about any residential lot without prior written permission of the board. The board shall have the right to prohibit, restrict, and control the size, construction, material, wording, location and height of all such signs. All permitted signs shall be located at least fifteen (15) feet back from the right-of-way line.

The full deed restrictions as they are on file with Lucas County are accessible by clicking on the links below. They will open in a new window using Adobe Reader and you can print or save them for later viewing.

Deed Restrictions Amendment filed in January 2019 (PDF Format)

Deed Restrictions (PDF Format)