Contracts / Reserve Committee

The Contracts / Reserve Committee is responsible for producing specifications, scope of work, and getting Request for Proposals (RFP’s). All RFP’s are presented to the Board of Directors to vote on. The committee shall ensure that any terms and conditions within contracts are reasonable when the contract is signed and that the vendor complies with the agreement The committee responds to all complaints submitted to the Board of Trustees concerning the work performed by vendors.

The Contracts / Reserve Committee has a duty to develop a funding plan for future repair or replacement of major common-area components. The Greycliffe Homeowners Association collects and maintains a reserve fund for the repairs and replacements of major components. “Major components” include, but are not limited to, streets, lighting, gates, gatehouses, walls, landscaping, grass cutting and snow removal. The reserve fund may be expended only for the purpose of effecting the replacement and improvement of common areas, major repairs, and operating contingencies of a non-recurring nature.

Dave Dauer

Committee Chair

3206 Stone Wall Road

Sandra Booth

3248 Stone Wall Road

Mike Manahan

3214 Stone Wall Road