Financial Reports

Greycliffe at the Quarry is a non-profit organization and all members and prospective members have the right to know its financial standing and how their money is being spent. Members have a direct interest in the outcome of how well, or how poorly, the business of the Home Owners Association is run.

To demonstrate a commitment to transparency, which is the full, accurate and timely disclosure of information to all interested parties, we have posted some of the financial reports below. Any information not provided here may be obtained by sending a request to the Greycliffe treasurer HERE

When you click on the link they will open in a new window with Adobe Reader. You can then print or save them for later viewing.

Here is the most recent customer balance sheet provided by the accounting firm for the Greycliffe Home Owners Association.

This report will be available 6 weeks after the first day of the quarter and will be updated regularly to ensure the information is accurate.

If you feel there is a mistake, please contact the Greycliffe treasurer HERE or Our Accountant and we will get it resolved as soon as possible.

*The names and lot numbers of those that are in arears are currently redacted to allow them time to catch up on the past due amounts. We will no longer redact this information starting February 15th, 2021. Six weeks after the 1st quarter payment is due in 2021.

Customer Balance Summary

2021 Financial Reports

2020 Financial Reports

Year-End Profit & Loss Report 2020

Semi-Annual Profit & Loss Report 2020