Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Greycliffe at the Quarry Finance Committee works in conjunction with the Home Owners Association accounting firm to review and make recommendations concerning the ongoing expenditures and budget of the association. This includes developing an annual budget and monitoring spending by the association during the course of the year.

As Greycliffe is a private, gated community this includes monitoring and recommending expenditures over a broad range of issues. These include the day to day expenses of neighborhood maintenance and the long-term expenses of maintaining the fixed assets of the neighborhood which are periodically reviewed for depreciation and replacement. The finance committee evaluates the yearly budget and monitors the assessments and dues by the association to make certain the expenditures are appropriate and prudent as well as sufficient to handle ongoing expenses.

The finance committee develops and monitors appropriate billing and collection policies for the Home Owners Association and is responsible for advising the board on collection and payment of outstanding balances.

The finance committee reports directly to the Greycliffe board and offers advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors. In addition, it reviews association expenditures and ensures the accounts are balanced and summarized on an ongoing basis. Reports are generated on a monthly basis for board review and an annual report is presented each year to the Home Owners Association in September.

The chair of the finance committee is the treasurer of the Greycliffe at the Quarry Home Owners Association. Two other members currently serve on the committee.

Financial reports may be viewed HERE

Dave Dauer

Committee Chair

3206 Stone Wall Road

Jon Detrick

3201 Deep Water Lane