Yard Sign Policy/Request

Section 1.6 of the deed restrictions as they are on file with Lucas County state that:

No signs of any character other than a sign of not more than ten (10) square feet advertising the sale of the residential lot on which such sign is located shall be erected, placed or posted or otherwise displayed on or about any residential lot without prior written permission of the board. The board shall have the right to prohibit, restrict, and control the size, construction, material, wording, location and height of all such signs. All permitted signs shall be located at least fifteen (15) feet back from the right-of-way line.

We would like to remind everyone that these Deed Restrictions include political, graduation, and school signs. With that being said, the board of trustees for Greycliffe at the Quarry understands that there may be a valid request to display a sign.

These sign requests must be submitted to the board using the below form at least 5 business days prior to the proposed date the sign will be displayed with details of what the sign will say, it’s location in the yard and dimensions.

If the sign is approved by the board it will state the dates the sign is permitted to be displayed. If not removed promptly when the permitted time is over any future requests may be denied for that property.

** A single house alarm and/or “Invisible Fence” sign are automatically permitted as long as they are in the flower beds and out of the lawn maintenance crew’s way. No form submission is required.

Thank you for helping to keep our neighborhood looking nice and not cluttered with a bunch of signs.